Concerning the Universal Pictures Legal Demands

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  • Charlie R

    It’s all a power game to them. They don’t care about whether it affects them or if it will hurt the upcoming crop of screenwriters. They just want to call the shots and have the final say. 

  • Anonymous

    “The Getaway” screenplay is terrific. I luckily  downloaded that,  Paul Schrader’s “Blue Collar”, Richard Price’s “Sea Of Love” and other favorites of mine before this unfortunate thing happened. Knock on wood!.

  • Jason Warner

    Just how much damage do they really think those relatively few (compared to the 7 billion of us that there currently is) people who might want to read a draft or two of a past or never-produced movie would do to their bottom line or sales of the respective film(s) themselves?

    If they aren’t going to create the market for scripts to be digitally purchased for those interested in them, I don’t see how this is that different from checking out a book of screenplays at your local library as there is no money being exchanged there for the IP between the interested party and the library employee.

    If there’s any kind of demand or interest in something and the powers that be do not supply for that, they ultimately have no one but to blame but themselves for scripts being uploaded to and/or traded around on the web.

    It is ridiculous.

  • el syd

    Can’t help but wonder if the studio pin-heads are planning to somehow release these and charge people for them in the near future.  Otherwise, I can’t see what harm it does to have them up for free.

  • Jim101

    Of  course there is no harm in putting them up for free. It’s just American corporate greed and stupidity. This is the same repulsive greed that thought it could privatise humanity’s genetic code and sell access to it when the Brits were working on the whole thing and making it open access to the whole world ie humanity, coz that’s who it belongs to. Not a bunch of f**k wits who can’t spend the money they’ve already stolen. 

    For your services to art in the form of the motion picture screenplay, you are a god, sir, and have given more help to many thousands of struggling writers, students and others than you could possibly imagine. I and no doubt countless others around the world thank you for the time and effort you’ve put into this project, the aim of which is ultimately to teach and pass it on.   

  • MARK11

    You did a  lot of good for the cause of education, creativity and the craft and art of screenwriting and making movies, for a lot of writers – moviemakers like myself.  I went through an MFA in screenwriting from one of the big 3 film schools. I was fortunate enough to have a very great screenwriting professor and working, successful screenwriter Daniel Pyne in my corner from day one. I wrote many short fiction stories and news articles in college, but because of my love of comics, graphic novels and movies…my writing took on a very strong visual flow  and so film school was pretty easy to get into.  But…while at film school; aside from my writing classes, I also took classes in editing and film theory, basically to have a deepr understanding of why and how movies work and stand the test of time.  I have never stopped writing and rewriting my scripts for indie features as well as the Hollywood studio type of commercial spec; but reading other scripts and learning from other writers and storytellers is a huge fundamental point in my present and future work. Learning the visually driven  narrative structure of LAWRENCE OF ARABIA is just as important as understanding the building suspense points from NORTH BY NORTHWEST 
    to the dialogue flow difference of INGLORIOUS BASTERDS and PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. We all learn, all the time…and your site is a big star in my creative growth. Thanks again.

  • Curt Riess

    Interestingly enough Quentin Tarantino doesn’t mind if his screenplays are available online to read / download for free.  Nor does Mel Brooks.  Billy Wilder gladly signed a copy of one of scripts when you asked him nicely back in the artists & writers building, where he had his office.   For anyone reading scripts it revolves about a learning / understanding a craft.  Studio lawyers don’t see it this way. It’s their job to hunt down and kill.  And those guys may make millions of dollars, but they sure can’t do one thing, that is writing a screenplay.  F**k ‘em.   And Sheridan keep up your work and thank you.

  • JMF

    Business guys are going to think like business guys.  The only way that they’re going to stop doing things like this is to help them understand that by allowing us to study their scripts, they’re actually helping themselves in several ways:
    1) anyone who reads a script is more likely to buy the product, probably several times (DVD, BluRay, etc.) so that they can study script and film together.2) by the argument of 1), they are alienating part of their most loyal fan base3) allowing writers to study screenplays means that there will be a larger number of better writers, who make better submissions and give the studios more choices, ultimately allowing them to make more money.
    4) keeping scripts available is much like a constant flow of advertising with no cost.

    The studios have nothing to lose here, and everything to gain.  All we have to do is explain that to them.

    J.C., Sheridan,

    Are you interested in discussing options here?  I gather from your posts that you don’t want to argue with the studios.  I have no issues about chatting with them if you’d like some help.  I’ll send you an email in this regard as well.

  • Jen

    I have a question. Howcome you have to remove so many scripts that still exist over at